Crossroads Brewing Co.

Brewing award winning craft beer in the restored Brooks Opera House that was built in 1893

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The Pub

Pub and restaurant right inside our historic Opera House built in 1893..........

Craft Beer

Quality craft ales that you'll always find something new to try on our 10 rotating taps.....

Crossroads Brewing

Executive Chef Paul Parillo has created a delicious menu featuring meats, produce and cheeses from farms

throughout the local Hudson Valley area

The Brewery

7 barrel brew house - Head Brewer Hutch Kugeman.....

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This Week at Crossroads



Breaking News !!!

We've got some great news that I'm having trouble putting into words ! We just heard from Hutch who's in Denver at the Craft Beer Conference. This is where they announce the winners of the annual World Beer Cup. This is the big one.... and I'm thrilled to tell you that the Black Rock Stout just won the Gold Medal!! Best Stout in the World !!! Congratulations Hutch !! We couldn't be more proud! Amazing !!


This week:

The new Spring menu is here !!

Lots of beer and fundraising news this week so lets get to it!

TONIGHT: The new Kugemaner Weisse hits the taps tonight! 3 guesses who named the Berliner Weisse!! And we'll have a special appearance by the Brooks Brown Ale as well! Mug club members get 50 cents off on BOTH tonight! And it's wing night! Order a dozen wings and get a beer or wine for just $1!

WEDNESDAY: REJOICE! The gold medal winning Black Rock Stout returns! You can have as many pints and growlers as you'd like! AND The next next bottle in the Brewer's Reserve Series is here! Pick up a bottle of Abbey Road when you come out for Wiener Wednesday! Or have yours right here at the pub!

THURSDAY: It's time for DINE OUT FOR LIFE! We are donating 25% of anything you purchase tonight! Food, beer, wine, t shirts, growlers...anything sell-able...we'll donate 25% to the Northeast Aids Council! Last year we had an AMAZING turnout for this important night and ended up being in the top 10 donations out of 80 restaurants and bars! We'd like to beat that this year so come out to the only DOFL spot in Greene County and join us for a night of festivities and fundraising! AND...if that isn't enough to get you to the pub...you won't want to miss this weeks CASK! It's the new Kugemaner Weisse dry hopped with blackberries! It's going to be fantastic. Some folks have asked about filling growlers with the cask brews. We do not fill growlers from the cask for 2 main reasons...one, it's a small vessel and we'd like to make sure everyone has some. More importantly, cask beer is not force carbonated with CO2 like draft brews. Instead, with cask conditioned beer, there is a small amount of yeast remaining in the beer that causes secondary fermentation, which naturally carbonates the beer. It won't hold up in a growler and will be flat, flavorless and disappointing when opened. Proper temperature is also a factor for cask ales and taking it home for refrigerated storage would further diminish the quality of the beer. If you haven't tried beer from a cask...I highly recommend it! You won;t believe the flavor!


SATURDAY: Stay tuned for the Saturday Night Special!
SUNDAY: Half price PEI Mussels all day!

**Don't forget to get your TAP NY tickets before they sell out! We are just a half hour from the festival so stop by on your way home from the fest this weekend for a bite and a flight!

** Don't forget we open for lunch at 1:00 on Weekends!


**Thanks as always to our awesome customers! Your patience with our growth and constant support has been incredible and I get so many thoughtful posts and emails about Crossroads. It means the world to us! Cheers to you!


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